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Moss Family History: Benjamin Moss, 1702 - 1761

Benjamin was the 10th child of John II and was born Feb. 10, 1702 in Wallingford. On May 28, 1728 he married Abigail, daughter of Abigal Royce Cole and Joseph Cole who was born July 13, 1699 and lived in Cheshire, Connecticut, the town just west of Wallingford. (In one of Aunt Bertha's letters the name is given as Elizabeth Cole, born January 18, 1703). Benjamin and his family were the first of our line to move to Cheshire to live. His will was drawn in Wallingford, Conn. on June 2, 1761. He left nine children, inculding Titus.

The names of their children were:

  • Abigail, died in one month.
  • Benjamin
  • Mary
  • Barnabas
  • Timothy
  • Titus, 1738 - 1818 (Our line)
  • Abigail, 2nd baby so named
  • Joseph
  • Martha

His tombstone is in the town cemetery at Cheshire.