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Moss Family History: Titus Moss, 1738 - 1818

Titus, son of Benjamin and Abigail, was born in Cheshire, Conn. on May 16, 1738. He served in the French and Indian War as an ensign with a commission from the king, (George II ?). He enlisted early in the Revolutionary War and served as Lieutenant in Colonel Charles Webb's regiment; Captain Street Hall's company and was stationed at Long Island Sound. He was in Boston camps and at Dorchester Heights. He was commissioned Captian July 6, 1775, and discharged Dec. 19, 1775. He was married May 31, 1761 to Mary Atwater. The following is a copy of a portion of one of Aunt Bertha's letters:

"Grandfather, and father too, used to tell me stories of the family. One was of Titus, known as "the strong man". In those days farmers joined together to get their work done and wrestling was the favourite pastime in noon hours. One day a man, (I've forgotten his name), challenged the group that he would wrestle and could throw them all except Titus. It was at his father Benjamin's home but he was too old to be included. The man did make his boast good and then Banjamin spoke. "Must the old man arise?" He did and threw the boaster but that provoked the man so that he started at him again. Then Titus intervened for fear his father might be hurt. Another story was at Ticonderoga where Titus was overseeing some soldiers unloading supplies. Some young English officers in their fine uniforms began to make fun of the roughly dressed Americans. Titus stood it as long as he could then turned to his men and said,"Let me take a hand" - and when the pork barrels began to swerve closer and closer to the Englishmen they withdrew with no more taunts."

I would like to add a note here for those of you who have not seen it. Even in my time a good workman could and did tip a barrel slightly and start it spinning in a nearly upright position and the barrel would roll through a long arc along the wharf for quite a distance and slip right up against the previous barrel with all the finesse of an expertly bowled bowling ball.

The names of their children were:

  • Merib
  • Meriam
  • Joel 1766-1847 (Our line)
  • Heman
  • Polly
  • Mary
  • Lois
  • Titus, Jr.

He died Dec. 23, 1818 and his tombstone is in the town cemetery in Cheshire.