Date of mating:


Week No. What's Happening?
Week 1
Day 1: First act of coitus.
Day 2: Eggs are fertilised.
Day 3: First division of cells.
Day 4: Blastula forms.
Day 5: Blastula travels into uterine horns.
Day 6: Placenta begins to form.
Week 2
Day 8: Cells fold into 3 layers.
Day 13: Organs begin to develop.
Day 14: Spinal cord begins to develop.
Week 3
Day 15: Head and tail can be distinguished.
Day 17: Face is forming.
Day 18: Forelegs are developing.
Day 19: Hind legs are developing.
Day 20: Queen begins to show signs of pregnancy.
Days 21-23: Skeleton is made of cartilage.
Week 4
Days 23-25: Toes begin to separate.
Days 25-28: Foetuses are now virtually complete.
Days 28-32: Feed the queen special food.
Week 5
Days 32-38: Kittens move dynamically.  
Week 6
Days 38-43: The queen's teats enlarge.  
Week 7
Days 43-48: Introduce the queen to her nesting box.  
Week 8
Days 48-52: Advise your vet of impending delivery. Days 52-58: Further developments tba.
Week 9
Days 58-birth: Check the queen's temperature daily.  
Week 10
Day 65: Your kittens should be born around now.
Day 69: If the kittens have not been born, consult your vet to check all is well.