Vegetable Curry, Hauksby Style

This dish is in no way authentic, but it is a very good way to feed a lot of hungry people on a cold evening. It is gluten-free and vegetarian. It is also spicy enough to please, while not (so far) being too hot for anybody to eat - and it's cheerily colourful. All quantities are variable.

If you can engage the services of the chopping fairies for this dish, you will be very much happier at the end of it.

Serves 15-20 people.



Fry the onions, garlic and ginger in the butter until softened. Note that if the ginger is not finely chopped, the dish can be successfully renamed as "ginger surprise". Add the dried spices and stir around for a couple of minutes.

Add the swede and carrots. They should be cut into chunks of a nice size to fit on the spoon. Stir again and cook for another few minutes to soften the vegetables.

Add everything else and cook covered until done (half an hour to fortyfive minutes). Stir from time to time to prevent sticking. Serve with fresh bread.

Shelagh Lewins

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