Prune Sauce

This is a mediaeval recipe. All the ingredients were available to Vikings, though only the wealthy had access to wine and spices. Vikings were very fond of plums, and of course prunes are dried plums. It is excellent with cheese and meats. Serve hot as a sauce or cold as a chutney.

Serves 10 people, or more if used as a chutney.



Gently simmer all ingredients, except the flour, for 30 minutes. Remove the prunes and extract their pits if necessary. Chop them finely (I use a food processor).

Remove 1/2 cup of the spiced wine syrup and stir the flour into it, blending thoroughly.

Stir this thickener into the rest of the sauce.

Return the prunes to the pot, stir, and slowly simmer an additional 4 minutes.

The recipe is from Fabulous Feasts

Shelagh Lewins

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