Photos from Oslo, May 2003

Copyright © 2003 Shelagh Lewins.

Photos from the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.

Chair from the Oseberg ship Chest from viking ship burial Woollen cloth of disputed provenance Gold brocade from Gokstad ship Platter from viking ship burial Woman's shoe from the Oseberg ship Woman's shoe from the Oseberg ship

The origin and date of the checked woollen cloth are unclear. A museum guide booklet has been quoted as saying "In a chamber grave from Haugen, Rolfsoy in Ostfold on the east side of Oslo Fjord, fragments of a large cape with a black and white plaid pattern were found along with the remains of a tapestry". However, I don't know of any documentation for this find, and I don't remember there being any clear labelling at the museum. According to Carolyn Priest-Dorman, a chamber grave at Nedre Haugen was excavated by enthusiastic locals in 1864 and some pieces from the grave made it to a museum eventually - this may be one, but it's not clear. The cloth is pre-Viking in style, and although in 1922, Broegger dated Nedre Haugen to circa 900, this may not be a secure date.

Shelagh Lewins

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