All too often, accessibility takes second place to design considerations. However I've always felt that a font you can't read, is not fit for purpose!

So I regarded accessibility as a primary requirement when designing my own website.

What does that mean in practice? I believe that an accessible website should:

  • work on all major browsers, in any common screen resolution
  • support easy keyboard navigation, including the user of skip links to let the user get directly to the content of the page
  • display high-contrast, readable text
  • allow all text to be resized by the user
  • work well with a screen reader
  • be easy to use if images are turned off in the browser (e.g. no white text on white background)
  • load quickly
  • avoid wasting the user's time, so for example no splash screens with the word "enter"
  • work as the user expects, so for example the tab order should be standard

Of course, I may not have got everything right. Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing any part of this site, and I will try to fix it.