Javascript Games

This is an archive of game prototypes that I have created.

Nichimoto Invaders

Nichimoto Invaders

Flashcards are a useful tool for learning foreign writing systems, but they are dull. Nichimoto Invaders makes it fun.

In Nichimoto Invaders, you can save the world from alien invaders while learning a foreign character set such as Ancient Greek or Japanese hiragana. Decrypt their defence systems by correctly identifying the key codes, and then you can shoot them out of the sky!

Nichimoto Invaders is copyright © Greencroft Technical Services 2015

Orbital Cleanup Crew - making sure we share safe space!

Orbital Cleanup Crew

Protect the satellite from dangerous debris and earn extra points by collecting small debris for recycling.

This is a two-player co-operative game to be played on a single computer (keyboard required). You can play it in solo mode.

Orbital Cleanup Crew is copyright © Shelagh Lewins 2014



The casual game Hachibee began life as a simple prototpye called Bucket. I created Bucket in stages, each being a complete, playable game. Hachibee is the final stage in which I added graphics and two different game modes.

Stage 1 - Proof of Concept Demo

This demo is a complete playable game with five levels.

Bucket Demo Version

Use the arrow keys to move the bucket.

Please forgive the slightly dodgy collision code! I made a deliberate decision to add new features rather than spend another week perfecting the mechanics. It works fine most of the time, but occasionally a ball will pass through the bucket's walls. Maybe I'll re-theme the game in terms of quantum particles and then we can call it a feature.

Stage 2 - Alpha Version

The alpha version of Bucket has powerups and 20 levels.

Bucket Alpha Version

Stage 3 - Post-Alpha Version - Hachibee

This is a version with a graphical theme, and a few other adjustments. 'Hachi' is the Japanese word for bee.


Bucket is copyright © Shelagh Lewins 2009. Hachibee is copyright © Shelagh Lewins 2010.


You can also have a play with the Flatland demo which I plan to develop into an A-life game.


An unexpected challenge was to adapt standard computer game vector maths to work in browser space, where the y axis points down instead of up. It's not rocket science, but it took me several goes to get it right! If you'd like to use any of the utility functions, feel free. If you do, I'd be glad if you can let me know especially if you find bugs in them!

At present, all the Flatlanders do is follow each other around. You can drag them around to encourage them to follow somebody different. However I did put in some nice UI: a modal, draggable Settings dialog, Run and Pause, and the ability to set the random seed. The random seed algorithm took some research as I needed one that you can make reproducible, and that is mathematical rather than depending on buffer overflows. It's probably not awesomely random but it is fine for a game, where reproducibility is the bughunter's best friend, and essential for checking that the behaviour is the same in different browsers.

Flatland is copyright © Shelagh Lewins 2008

Spaceship Racer

Spaceship Racer Manual as Word Doc | Manual as PDF

Spaceship Racer is a simple game mechanic testbed in which you guide a small, unmanned spacecraft around a solar system. Use your ion thruster and solar sail to steer the ship.

My idea was for this to be a multiplayer game in which races take place over days or weeks, meaning that players would not watch their ships continuously. Instead, they would log in at intervals to make course corrections and adjust the ship's systems.