Project Summary

MatchSquares is an original puzzle game built using Meteor, ReactJS, Bootstrap, ECMAScript 6 and SASS.

I designed and wrote MatchSquares as a practical way to get experience with a bunch of new-to-me web development technologies.

Nichimoto Invaders

Project Summary

Flashcards are a useful tool for learning foreign writing systems, but they are dull. Nichimoto Invaders makes it fun.

In Nichimoto Invaders, you can save the world from alien invaders while learning a foreign character set such as Ancient Greek or Japanese hiragana. Decrypt their defence systems by correctly identifying the key codes, and then you can shoot them out of the sky!

I designed and coded the configuration screens and the game in JavaScript. This is a prototype version with minimal graphics so that the team can focus on getting the game and the user experience right before we commission artwork.

Read more about the Nichimoto SDK and the intelligent teaching system.

Nichimoto Sorcerer's Cat

Project Summary

Nichimoto Sorcerer's Cat is the second game for learning foreign character sets to be developed using the Nichimoto SDK. It is currently at proof-of-concept stage, demonstrating a simple puzzle game mechanic but with no long-term game progression and minimal graphics. As with Nichimoto Invaders, I designed and coded the game.

The plan is to develop the game with end-of-level challenges and graphical rewards.

Orbital Cleanup Crew

Project Summary

Making sure we share safe space! Shoot the larger debris to break it up, then collect the small debris for recycling.

This game prototype is designed to be played co-operatively by two players on a single computer, using the same keyboard, but it can also be played in solo mode. Although built on the same code base as Bucket and Hachibee, I included jQuery, allowing me to easily rotate elements and hence open up new gameplay possibilities.


Project Summary

Hachibee developed out of my first JavaScript game, Bucket. It's a more developed game with themed graphics and two play modes.


Project Summary

I wrote the casual online game Bucket as an exercise in learning pure JavaScript, without using any libraries. The alpha version is a complete playable game with 20 levels. It was an interesting exercise to code Newtonian mechanicsin a browser.