Weaving Instructions

Project Summary

I have produced a series of instructional documents to help fellow enthusiasts to weave historically accurate textiles in a technique called "tablet" or "card" weaving. This method is known from early European history and allows an amazing variety of patterns to be woven with very simple equipment.

Although there are many tutorials, patterns and videos available, I felt there was a lack of well documented, easy instructions for relative beginners, that explain the wide range of historical variations in the basic technique.

My goals are twofold: to give clear step by step instructions and to communicate the underlying principles, so that people can successfully weave a piece and then progress to a more advanced pattern.

Example Documents

Web page explaining the basic technique

A pattern from tenth century Denmark

A pattern from tenth century Denmark

A technique from early Anglo-Saxon England

A technique from early Anglo-Saxon England

User Feedback

I've announced the documents on a newsgroup which has given me invaluable direct feedback from users so I can correct errors and anything that isn't clear.

Comments from users have included:

"...the first set of instructions that didn't make card weaving seem like magic."

"...the first actually understandable guide on the matter that is very user-friendly!"