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Reminiscences: The Moss Peregrinations

As remembered by Virginia Moss Wood

July 20, 1996

House No. 1

Our parents, Walter and Mary (Minnie) Moss some time after their marriage in 1905 found their way to Fort Macgruder Marine Camp, along the York River in Virginia, not far from Williamsburg. There, brother Lloyd and I were both born. In the recesses of my mind, I can see a high bank, tall trees and the river. Pa had something to do with the management of the farm which was maintained by the camp. The story is that August 11, 1908 was an extremely hot day. The thrashing machine had arrived and peanuts were being threshed from the vines which had been harvested. It was on that day I arrived. Years later, long after the camp had disappeared, I saw the little unimposing one-story house which somehow was still standing.

House No. 2

We had moved from the camp into the Town of Williamsburg. I do not think we lived there very long. The house was located on Duke of Gloucester St. It was an old house but apparently not old enough to have been included in the restoration project. The Williamsburg of that day was a far cry from beautifully restored Williamsburg of today. It was there in those historic surroundings that brother Herbert was born.

House No. 3

Our third home will forever stand out in my mind. Pa had bought a farm not far out from the center of Williamsburg on the Jamestown road. Our house was off the main road at the end of a lane. It was an old Southern style house with two chimneys, one on each end. There was a porch all across the front. The porch was covered with wisteria which was most beautiful in the blooming season. In the yard there were a great variety of flowering bushes and several trees. My favorite tree was a large magnolia grandiflora, which had huge creamy white blossoms. Easter was a time of pure delight. Mom would hide Easter eggs around that beautiful yard.

In the back of the house down a little road, there was a fort that had been used during the Civil War. Lloyd and I would go down there, play around the embankments, swing on the wild grapevines and have a wonderful time.

Lloyd and I both started school in Williamsburg. We walked from the farm down Duke of Gloucester St. and on to the school which was located on the foundations of the old Palace. During the restoration, the school was torn down and the beautiful palace reconstructed. We both enjoyed that school which was called the William and Mary Model School. I suppose it was connected with William and Mary College. I remember all of us students going over to the college and marching around.

The Moss Peregrinations, page: 0102030405

The Moss Boys, page:0607