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Moss Family History: The Medfield Monument

Medfield Monument

I think it appropriate to record here the inscriptions on the monument in Medfield erected by the family geneologist of 1858, regardless of how accurate or inaccurate it may be. You can see this for yourself, as it is located near the center of the old Medfield, Massachusetts town cemetery.

Erected by Their

Grateful Descendents

AD. 1858

John Mosse

Born 1604

Settled at N. Haven

Died 1707


Wallingford Ct.


Anthony Morse

B at Marlboro

Eng. 1606

D. at Newbury


Willian Morse

B 1608 D 1683

at N.

Rob't & Peter

Their Brothers

Settled & D in N.J.

To the


of seven


who emigrated

from England



in 1635-9

Samuel Morse

Born 1585

Settled at Dedham


Died in Medfield 1654

Joseph Morse

Settled at Ipswich

where he died


Dedham is in the outskirts of Boston and Medfield is a little farther out on the route #109. Do not confuse Medfield pop. 2900 with Medford pop. 64,000 in 1959.

Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Marlboro, England above is now spelled Marlborough and is located in Wiltshire.

Newbury is on the Merimac River in Massachusetts.

Note: This was not drawn to scale and is much foreshortened. The monument is 12 to 15 feet tall and towers above all others around it.

This is the reverse side of the monument.

Eliz Morse

wid of Samuel

D.June 26 1654


The Mother of

Lt Samuel

who died in Medf'

Feb' 28 1718


Cpt Joseph

who died in Sherborn

Feb' 19 1718



who died in Medf'


Samuel Morse

Col. in Cromwell's army

D. at the Eastward

Sept. 23, 1688

John D at Boston 1657

Daniel D at Sherborn

Jun 5 1688

Jeremiah D in the

Civil War in Eng.

Joseph D in Medfield

1653 38

The Father of

Note: Sherborn is a town of 500 a few miles north of Medfield

Below are other inscriptions on the stones


J Foote Boston Cutter and Designer